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Thanks St. Pius X High School

Huge thanks go out to  Jeff Turcotte, boy’s and girl’s cross country track coach, and members of the girl’s soccer team, for dropping off 35 turkeys for our food Drive!

Coach Turcotte and the St. Pius X students rallied together and in just 3 hours were able to raise enough funds and gather enough turkeys to make a HUGE difference to families in New Mexico!  We are grateful for their help this year and look forward to working with them in the future.

Coach Turcotte

Coach Turcotte


11 2015

Thank you Sweet Tomatoes!

Huge shout out to Sweet Tomatoes for the donation of potatoes and yams!

Manager Joel Espinosa and his crew very generously pitched in 80 pounds of each to families in New Mexico.

Manager Joel Espinosa with Sweet Tomatoes' donation of potatoes and yams. Thanks so much Joel!

Manager Joel Espinosa with Sweet Tomatoes’ donation of potatoes and yams.
Thanks so much Joel!


11 2014

Chick-fil-a pitches in again!

Thank you Chick-fil-a on San Mateo and Montgomery for once again pitching in with your wonderful donation of celery and carrots so our families could have fresh produce.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated!

Chick-fil-a employes and their very generous donation of produce

Chick-fil-a employes and their very generous donation of produce for food boxes


11 2014

Free food for School Supply Donation



From now through Thursday {at San Mateo and Montgomery location only}

-a backpack with 10 items, get a mini moo and 2 free meal coupons.
– a backpack, get a free meal and an entree coupon.
– 3 items such as pack of colored pencils, markers, spirals, scissors, pack of markers, etc for a free meal
– 1 item such as pack of pencils, pack of loose leaf paper, pack of pens, ruler will get you a free sandwich or entree.


07 2014

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanks to everyone that came out for our Thanksgiving Food Box drive!

This is the 4th year we’d given out our food boxes and this year, with some great partnerships we were able to help 53 families in 3 different towns!  The families we provided for came recommended from schools, social workers and friends.  The biggest family we served had 9 kids and are refuges from Africa!

Boy Scouts helping out!

Boy Scouts helping out!

We had approximately 35 volunteers, including some cub scouts and girl scouts come help put boxes together this time.  That’s a record for us

and it’s funny to think of just 4 years ago there was only 3 of us putting boxes together in someone’s house!

This year, we were honored to be part of RacingSouthwest’s annual charity drive. Additionally,  we were surprised with a $500 grant from Thrivent Financial which was a HUGE help to us!  The fantastic kids at Cuba Elementary School collected over 9 boxes of food for our drive and Albuquerque United Methodist Church that donated their church wide food drive goods to us!  Our friend FoFo was gracious enough to let us use The Event Palace  to put boxes together and as a place for families to come pick them up.  Having a place to do activities has been a big deal for us! Thanks so much EVERYONE!  We are loving the connections we are making and the network we’re building with folks that want to be involved in their communities!

Cool whip...yum!

Cool whip…yum!

Fresh Veg!

Fresh Veg!

It seems to be tradition that at least one of our families every year has suffered a house fire and we’re able to help them out in more ways than just food. This year was no exception.  We had one family, that we found out about from one of our volunteers, that had a house fire and lost everything.

The woman in the family was trying to find some employment, but as you can imagine, it has been difficult because she didn’t have the proper clothes for interviews or customer facing work.  It was particularly hard for this gal as she is very petite and none of her friends were able to donate clothes that fit.

Sorting out beans

Robin and Jordan bagging beans

It “just happened” that we have a very small woman that had some clothes and household goods she was wanting to donate somewhere!!  We were able to get the clothes to the woman so that she could begin a job at a retail store the next week!  LOVE IT when that stuff works out!

Matt and Jean bringing in the goods

Matt and Jean bringing in the goods

This year, in addition to the food boxes and clothes, we were able to distribute out some handmade hat/mitten sets that Bev’s mom in NY makes for us.  It was fun to watch everyone oohing and ahhing over all the sets, especially the ones for kids!  These are some kids at a Head Start program in a small rural NM town enjoying their new winter gear! We love this photo!


Hats and Mittens all around!

Hats and Mittens all around!


It was a really fun time! Thanks again to everyone that pitched in to help!!


11 2012

Thanksgiving Food Box Drive

Special thanks to Sweet Tomatoes, Boy Scout Pack 106, AHQ Health Partners, and John Brooks for helping us put together 50 boxes of food for families throughout Albuquerque!

You guys are GREAT!!


12 2011

Thank you Jason’s deli!

Special thanks to Jason’s Deli, and general manager Tasha, for the donation of coupons good for a free kid’s meal at their wonderful resturant!  They will go in each Mother’s Day bag for the emergency shelter and each backpack we hand out in the fall.


05 2010